About the Captain

Wade Karmann – (Owner/Captain)

Wade has been actively sailing in the Gulf Islands for over 20 years, sailing single-handed as well as leading many sailing tours.   His local knowledge of both the water and the surrounding communities means that he can match each tour with the unique interests of his guests, students and/or crew.

Wade is a certified “Advanced Skipper” under the Canadian Yachting Association and a certified “Instructor” under the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association. He is also certified by Transport Canada as a “Small Vessel Operator”.

Having a safe trip with a happy crew is always his primary objective.

In addition, Wade is certified as a wildlife naturalist from the Society for Ecological and Coastal Research.  This certification, combined with his experience working as a whale watching boat captain, has given him a broad understanding and integrated interpretation of the behaviour of and the issues being faced by the large variety of wildlife in the area. The result is a deeper experience for all on board.

Regardless of the adventure being undertaken, a tour or a short cruise or an in-depth sailing course, Wade welcomes sailors with all kinds of experience and ensures that at Helmsman Cruise and Learn every adventure will be a memorable experience from the moment you step on board.

“On a powerboat you’re going somewhere, on a sailboat you’re already there!”


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