Learn to be crew

If you have little or no sailing experience but are interested in learning while participating in an active sailing experience then this course is for you.  This course is also a requirement for aspiring skippers who will need to understand how to be a competent crew member before they can begin to take charge of the crew.

While becoming a competent crew member you’ll learn about what makes sailboats sail, boat terminology,  boat components and systems, crew activities and responsibilities, safety, points of sail, and living aboard a sail boat while cruising.

Competent Crew is the initial course in the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association system.  It provides students with the confidence and knowledge to effectively and safely perform sailing duties in support of their skipper.

This course can result in the achievement of a CRYA Competent Crew Certification.  No prerequisites are required. Both shore based and practical on-the-water components must be completed to achieve certification status.

This course is offered during a 5 Day or 3 Day Sailing Adventure.



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