Become a skipper

For some, there is nothing more enthralling than being a master of a vessel!

For them, planning a multi-day cruise, having the skill to lead their crew to exciting island locations under varying sailing conditions while managing the Gulf Island’s world famous tides and currents, then safely arriving back at their home port again, is what it’s all about.

While becoming a day skipper you’ll learn about boat handling under varied conditions, crew management, sail management, docking, anchoring, coastal navigation, tides and currents, and meteorology.

This level of skill is typically what charter company’s demand for people looking to skipper their own charter vessel.

Helmsman Cruise and Learn provides a variety of single and multiple day on-the-water instructional cruises which can result in the achievement of the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association (CRYA) Day Skipper certification.

A prerequisite for this course is the successful completion of both shore based and practical on-the-water components of the CRYA Competent Crew Certification.

This course is offered during a 5 day Day Sailing Adventure.



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