About Allegro

Allegro is a Canadian made C&C 32. She’s well maintained and a pleasure to sail.

Here’s some excerpts from Sail Magazine’s February 2013 issue. The full article is available at http://sailingmagazine.net/article-1304-c&c-32.html

“This former racing machine doubles as a short-term cruiser”

“When the C&C 32 was unveiled in 1980, the model was advertised as a racer-cruiser in an effort to appeal to a growing demand for family cruising boats. The original brochure for the C&C 32 proclaimed “her creature comforts disguise the drive of a winner.” “.

“The C&C 32 looks like a racing machine of a certain age, made for speed and having fun on the racecourse. The clean lines, aluminum toe rail, short boom with small mainsail and larger furling headsail together give off the appearance of a competitive racer, yet a glance below deck unveils a layout created for preparing meals, dining in comfort and sleeping six. ”

“The cockpit is large enough to seat six plus the helmsman,”

“The layout below deck is considered traditional with few surprises and lots of headroom.”

“The boat sleeps six, with two on the dinette, two in the V-berth and one each on port and starboard quarter berths.”

“The C&C 32 isn’t dank, dark and gloomy down below, mostly due to generous portlights, a foredeck hatch and several air vents.”

“The C&C has nice lines, tight handling and it’s really fast”

“All agree when sailing off the wind, the boat becomes a rocket.”


The C&C 32 is a graceful, seaworthy, well-made racer-cruiser capable of maneuvering around the buoys during club races or heading out of the harbor for short-range cruising. Although it sports a racy profile, the compact yacht is not without adequate creature comforts below deck.”

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