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About Allegro

Allegro is a Canadian made C&C 32. She’s well maintained and a pleasure to sail.

Here’s some excerpts from Sail Magazine’s February 2013 issue. The full article is available at

“This former racing machine doubles as a short-term cruiser”

“When the C&C 32 was unveiled in 1980, the model was advertised as a racer-cruiser in an effort to appeal to a growing demand for family cruising boats. The original brochure for the C&C 32 proclaimed “her creature comforts disguise the drive of a winner.” “.

“The C&C 32 looks like a racing machine of a certain age, made for speed and having fun on the racecourse. The clean lines, aluminum toe rail, short boom with small mainsail and larger furling headsail together give off the appearance of a competitive racer, yet a glance below deck unveils a layout created for preparing meals, dining in comfort and sleeping six. ”

“The cockpit is large enough to seat six plus the helmsman,”

“The layout below deck is considered traditional with few surprises and lots of headroom.”

“The boat sleeps six, with two on the dinette, two in the V-berth and one each on port and starboard quarter berths.”

“The C&C 32 isn’t dank, dark and gloomy down below, mostly due to generous portlights, a foredeck hatch and several air vents.”

“The C&C has nice lines, tight handling and it’s really fast”

“All agree when sailing off the wind, the boat becomes a rocket.”


The C&C 32 is a graceful, seaworthy, well-made racer-cruiser capable of maneuvering around the buoys during club races or heading out of the harbor for short-range cruising. Although it sports a racy profile, the compact yacht is not without adequate creature comforts below deck.”

Experience the cruising lifestyle!

At Helmsman Cruise and Learn we believe that the Gulf Islands are incredible and that while you’re here you should experience all that they have to offer.

To that end, we customize every “cruise and learn” to the unique tastes of our students. Whether you’re interested in quiet anchorages, local markets, mindfulness, hiking, kayaking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, finding the best pubs or incredible seafood restaurants we’ve got it covered!

Our “cruise and learns” are more than just sailing.  They’re customized tours with an on board marine naturalist, tour guide and sailing instructor all in one.

Oh, and you’re going to love the sailing too!  (Sailing Adventures)

Become a skipper

For some, there is nothing more enthralling than being a master of a vessel!

For them, planning a multi-day cruise, having the skill to lead their crew to exciting island locations under varying sailing conditions while managing the Gulf Island’s world famous tides and currents, then safely arriving back at their home port again, is what it’s all about.

While becoming a day skipper you’ll learn about boat handling under varied conditions, crew management, sail management, docking, anchoring, coastal navigation, tides and currents, and meteorology.

This level of skill is typically what charter company’s demand for people looking to skipper their own charter vessel.

Helmsman Cruise and Learn provides a variety of single and multiple day on-the-water instructional cruises which can result in the achievement of the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association (CRYA) Day Skipper certification.

A prerequisite for this course is the successful completion of both shore based and practical on-the-water components of the CRYA Competent Crew Certification.

This course is offered during a 5 day Day Sailing Adventure.



Learn to be crew

If you have little or no sailing experience but are interested in learning while participating in an active sailing experience then this course is for you.  This course is also a requirement for aspiring skippers who will need to understand how to be a competent crew member before they can begin to take charge of the crew.

While becoming a competent crew member you’ll learn about what makes sailboats sail, boat terminology,  boat components and systems, crew activities and responsibilities, safety, points of sail, and living aboard a sail boat while cruising.

Competent Crew is the initial course in the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association system.  It provides students with the confidence and knowledge to effectively and safely perform sailing duties in support of their skipper.

This course can result in the achievement of a CRYA Competent Crew Certification.  No prerequisites are required. Both shore based and practical on-the-water components must be completed to achieve certification status.

This course is offered during a 5 Day or 3 Day Sailing Adventure.



Try a Short Sailing Adventure! (3 hrs)

If you would like to try sailing before you commit to a multi-day cruise or if you have limited time available then try our Short Sailing Adventure.

Helmsman Cruise and Learn offers 3 hour sailing adventures from Genoa Bay on a on-request-basis. You’ll learn about boat safely, sailing terms, and points of sail while cruising across Cowichan Bay and out into Sansum Narrows.

Specific destinations will change depending upon the wind and current conditions but this cruise always offers a great day on the water!

Sightings of seals, sea lions, eagles, osprey, and a multitude of other bird life are seen regularly.   On some occasions we’ve even seen orca!

Short cruises depart from Genoa Bay Marina at 10:00 a.m..  Reservations are required but last minute seatings are occasionally available.

For pricing details see Sailing Adventures



About the Captain

Wade Karmann – (Owner/Captain)

Wade has been actively sailing in the Gulf Islands for over 20 years, sailing single-handed as well as leading many sailing tours.   His local knowledge of both the water and the surrounding communities means that he can match each tour with the unique interests of his guests, students and/or crew.

Wade is a certified “Advanced Skipper” under the Canadian Yachting Association and a certified “Instructor” under the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association. He is also certified by Transport Canada as a “Small Vessel Operator”.

Having a safe trip with a happy crew is always his primary objective.

In addition, Wade is certified as a wildlife naturalist from the Society for Ecological and Coastal Research.  This certification, combined with his experience working as a whale watching boat captain, has given him a broad understanding and integrated interpretation of the behaviour of and the issues being faced by the large variety of wildlife in the area. The result is a deeper experience for all on board.

Regardless of the adventure being undertaken, a tour or a short cruise or an in-depth sailing course, Wade welcomes sailors with all kinds of experience and ensures that at Helmsman Cruise and Learn every adventure will be a memorable experience from the moment you step on board.

“On a powerboat you’re going somewhere, on a sailboat you’re already there!”


Contact Us

We’re based at Genoa Bay Vancouver Island BC!

For more information about sailing lessons or to book a sailing adventure with us:

Call us at 250 510 6698.

Email us at :



Note from the skipper,

Cruising on a sailboat is one of the most engaging ways to visit the Gulf Islands.  The scenery and wildlife that you’ll see is unparalleled.

Combine this with learning a new skill and experiencing the cruising lifestyle in one of the best sailing waters in the world and your vacation can be transformational.

I look forward to seeing you on the water!



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