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Cheri and Gary James

5 out of 5 stars!

I would highly recommend Captain Wade if you want to experience a truly amazing sailing experience. He planned a perfect 10 day adventure for a group of eight of us touring the beautiful Gulf islands. We had a great balance of sailing instruction and site seeing. His wealth of knowledge for sailing and the Gulg Island area made it a perfect vacation. We are happily letting our friends know what a great holiday we had. Thank you again. Congratulations to “Helmsman Cruise and Learn” for providing friendly and quality charter service.

Every success,

Cheri and Gary James

Greg Rosko

I had the pleasure of sailing with Wade on two occasions through the Gulf Islands and he is a very capable captain who makes everyone on board have a great time due to his good humour and skill of sailing. My wife is very afraid of water but Wade made her feel at home on the “Allegro” where we enjoyed a wonderful day of sailing and site seeing. Wade is a professional on the water and drives himself to be the best where every detail is looked after and everyone enjoys the time spent with him, I would highly recommend Wade on your sailing adventure.

Russ Glaser

I have had the pleasure of taking a guided cruise with Wade. We traveled through the gulf Islands and I had a magnificent time. We came to call Wade “the sail whisperer” because of his incredible sailing skills.  Can’t wait to sail again! I highly recommend Wade and his beautiful sailing vessel.

Commodore Mike Kosten

I first met Wade on a Caribbean sailing adventure, and he’s one of those gentlemen sailors with a friendly character, good humour, and great depth of sailing knowledge.  On that occasion, I was skipper and Wade was crew. Wade proved to be capable, eager, and easy-going (a nautical triple-crown).

We got along so well on that trip that Wade invited the captain and crew aboard his sailboat ‘Allegro’ a few months later.  We all enjoyed a jolly cruise of the Lower Gulf Islands with Wade as our skipper. His enjoyment of sailing is well matched by his competence, which comes from plenty of formal training, time spent on the water, and  reading to keep aware of current boating news.

I heartily recommend sailing with Wade. You’ll certainly learn from a capable fellow, and you’ll enjoy the trip!

Mike Kosten
Ail Sail Commodore

Dave Dunn

I’ve sailed with Wade on a number of occasions, from light air to strong breezes.  Wade closely observes the wind and sea conditions and plans a route that combines the most exciting sailing with safety and a timely arrival at the pub.  He is a natural teacher, explaining not just how to sail, but the details of why each procedure is best.  I am impressed by his knowledge and experience.  Great guy!

Jim Lee

I have sailed with Wade on several occasions as his crew as well as on my boat for Wednesday evening races. His sailing experience is extensive and I usually gained some knowledge that made me a better sailor. Wade is a safe sailor and explains all procedures very well.

Knowledgeable, friendly and approachable captain, with a comfortable 32 foot boat. The scenery, wildlife and sailing around the Gulf Islands is stunning, nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Wade made sure that I was comfortable at all times. He went the extra mile to make sure we enjoyed our sailing experience


Went out with Wade last summer having never sailed in my life. It was an amazing time and I learned a lot about sailing, boats, the ocean, and marine life. It was a great time and would highly recommend him to anyone.

My wife and I shared a 10 day cruise and learn with two other couples in May/June sailing through the Gulf Islands off Vancouver Island. It was truly a memorable experience.

Wade was very accommodating and sensitive to the needs of our group. He allowed those of us who wanted to learn to sail to do so at our own pace and others to just enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. He was very professional, patient with us and safety of the passengers was always at the forefront of his mind.

Wade did an excellent job of planning our trip based upon the groups wishes of islands and places to visit. We never felt rushed, we were very relaxed.
It is a trip we would love to take again.

We would highly recommend this to anyone who would like a beautiful relaxed sailing experience.

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